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Epsilon Danube Maritime Training Center


Comprising a meticulously assembled crew, each member infused with a wealth of experience in cruise industry recruitment, our team is unified by values that mirror an unwavering dedication to achieving maritime excellence.

As the guiding beacon for those aspiring to excellence in cruise industry staffing, our unwavering commitment is rooted in a clear mission: to transcend industry standards and elevate the maritime experience.
We embark on a voyage as a trusted crewing agency with a rich history in serving the cruise industry. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring cruise ships receive the highest caliber of personnel. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are your gateway to skilled crew members who navigate the intricate and demanding aspects of ship operations. Our legacy is marked by precision, professionalism and unmatched expertise.

Detalii de contact

Luni - Vineri: 10:00 - 17:00
Constanța, Str. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 69, Steelbuilding Et. 2

Tipuri de nave

Ro-Ro Passenger, Ro-Ro Cargo Ship, Bulk Carrier, Passenger Ship, Ferry boat, Yacht, Container Ro-Ro Cargo Ship, Cruise ship, Ocean liner, High Speed Craft, SuperYacht

Formulare de aplicare (Application forms)

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Formularul este completat automat cu datele din CV și trimis prin e-mail către angajator, 1€ + TVA / formular

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